About Us

Family History

Global Fashion House is a Sydney-based, full-service wholesale women’s fashion business. It is founded and directed by Anna - a fashion industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in buying, design, manufacturing, importing, sales, marketing, creative production, and business operations.

Anna learnt about the inner workings of the fashion industry through her parents’ “old-school rag-trade” manufacturing business. Her parents immigrated from China to Australia in the late 1980s, with few contacts and little knowledge of English. They built their manufacturing business from scratch and grew their business to supply garments nationwide. Anna developed her tenacious work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and innate enthusiasm for fashion by working alongside her family.

Dedicated to her family’s business from a young age, Anna grew up spending her weekends at her parents’ factory and celebrated the end of high school by interning with her Dad. Anna recalls spending one Christmas Day washing over 500 garments to help her parents with a manufacturing issue, and at age seven, she once ran a clothing market stall next to her Dad’s!

After completing an International Business degree, her parents presented her with a business opportunity. Equipped with her Dad’s mentorship and the encouragement to create her own wholesale apparel business, Anna began her own fashion journey in 2006. As an independent, female-founded business, Global Fashion House is a women’s fashion wholesaler dedicated to providing exceptional service to retailers by producing must-buy products for their customers.

Industry Expert

Anna spent most of her twenties travelling internationally to build her wholesale fashion business. Between working with suppliers and manufacturers in China and finding new trends in Europe, Anna used to spend up to six months of the year overseas. Day-to-day, she would spend hours on end sourcing fabrics and trims in frenzied markets, searching for suitable factories to manufacture from, and negotiating with suppliers (who could be tricky to deal with). Anna knows the reality of working in the fashion industry, particularly in wholesale. It can be stressful, exhausting, and completely consuming. However, she thrives in this environment – which not everyone is cut out for - and is dedicated to her team and clients.

During her years of international travel, Anna built valuable relationships that solidified Global Fashion House as one of Australia’s most trusted garment wholesalers. She developed Global Fashion House’s business-to-business wholesale fashion offering by building four apparel brands - Ebby and I, Paper Heart, Label of Love, and White Closet – and one accessory brand, All That Glitters. Each brand has a distinct target market, creative direction, and product offering, providing retailers with exclusive access to thoughtful and highly-considered collections.

Anna travels less frequently now, allowing her to offer hands-on guidance across all areas of the business. She oversees the entire production process, including product development and design, manufacturing, quality control, creative campaigns, sales, and business development.

Trend Forecasting

Using industry resources, analytics, and the essential skill of trend-spotting, Anna and her team create up to 5000 SKUs every year across the business’s five brands: Ebby and I, Paper Heart, Label of Love, White Closet, and All That Glitters. The Global Fashion House team are renowned for using their insights to plan collections and adapt quickly to market changes. Their ability to reliably produce fashionable items for customers translates to commercial viability for their retailers.

Global Fashion House’s in-house product developers, designers, and account managers use their fashion industry expertise to respond to trends - fast. Before customers are even conscious of a new style, shade, or silhouette, Global Fashion House supplies retailers with on-trend options they can quickly sell. Their knowledge supports fashion retailers to build brands customers continually return to for inspiration and most importantly, purchases.

By fully understanding and embracing what makes each target market distinct, Global Fashion House produces garments that are stylish, wearable, and confidence-boosting. All items are designed to be worn time and time again, becoming go-to pieces in a customer’s wardrobe.

Full-Service Vendor

Anna and her team have built Global Fashion House’s success by ensuring every element of the business has a personal touch. Understanding their retailers’ and customers’ high expectations, the team settles for nothing less than excellence from product concept to customer purchase. Global Fashion House prioritises client care, product perfection, and attention to detail, making their business one of the most respected in the Australian wholesale fashion industry.

Global Fashion House also proudly offers bespoke retailer services, including exclusive prints, colours, silhouettes, and extended size ranges. As problem-solvers and out-of-the-box thinkers, the team can accommodate special requests, perfectly tailored to your brand.

Online Fashion Wholesaler

Combining the skill, service, and expertise of traditional wholesaling with eCommerce technology, Global Fashion House now offers its wholesale fashion online. This platform is available to local retailers (with plans to expand internationally) and is exclusively business-to-business.

Boutique owners can request access to Global Fashion House’s online wholesale fashion platform by signing up as a new customer and filling in a retailer form. All requests will be viewed for internal approval. This is to provide a premium and personalised service for all retailers. Following approval, retailers can browse product collections and make stock purchases across all five brands (Ebby and I, Paper Heart, Label of Love, White Closet, and All That Glitters).

Like all areas of the business, this online wholesale fashion platform is directed by Anna to maintain the elevated standard all Global Fashion House retailers expect. Retailers working with Global Fashion House aren’t just buying products, but gaining access to the entire team’s strategic insights and fashion and retail expertise. Global Fashion House works closely and collaboratively with each of its retailers, delivering a comprehensive fashion wholesale service.

Global Fashion House looks forward to welcoming retailers to this online wholesale fashion platform. Request access now by clicking here.