Stand Out With Outerwear

Puffer Jackets

In the world of outerwear, puffer jackets are the perfect mix of fun, style, and practicality. With their cloud-like exteriors, they don't just keep you snug but also create a strong silhouette. It's said that puffer jackets were inspired by the humble sleeping bag – who would have thought such a simple, functional concept could evolve into the jackets we love today?

How To Style A Puffer Jacket

The key to styling puffer jackets is balance. We recommend pairing the voluminous silhouette with slim-fitting bottoms like jeans or leggings. The White Closet Long Quilted Jacket in Cream looks just right with a relaxed pair of jeans.

Denim Jackets for Women

With an undeniable connection to youth culture and rebellion, denim jackets make classic cool oh-so-easy. They’ve transcended time and trends and should be an essential part of your outerwear offering.

Denim jackets can be layered over your favourite graphic tee, or paired with a fitted knit dress for a chic look. It doesn't matter if they’re dressing up for a night out or just running errands; our denim jackets will soon become your
customers’ trendy partner in crime.

Women's Shackets

We’ve all experienced that age-old dilemma when leaving the house — should I take a jacket? Thankfully, shackets
are here to save the day!

What Is A Shacket?

These versatile outerwear pieces combine the best of both worlds — the laid-back vibe of a shirt with the added warmth of a light jacket. Ideal for those in-between seasons, our Beige Button Up Shacket from Paper Heart can be styled in a myriad of ways. Have some fun by layering it over a lightweight turtleneck or a vintage band tee. Feeling a little more fancy? Simply button up, tuck it into a pair of tailored pants, and add your favourite pair of ankle boots.

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Checkered Jackets

Checkered jackets effortlessly blend retro charm and contemporary style to bring a whimsical twist to your customers’ wardrobes. With versatile patterns, they can instantly elevate a simple outfit to an eye-catching ensemble. The Pink Check Shacket from Ebby And I is the perfect choice for customers wanting to experiment with patterns and textures as the seasons change and that autumn chill fills the air.

Women’s Trench Coats

Is there anything more timeless than a trench coat? This outerwear classic has stood the test of time, seamlessly transitioning from a WWI military staple to an iconic statement piece

How To Wear A Trench Coat

There are so many ways to wear a trench coat — it would be a shame to stop at just one! If your customers want to ooze sophistication, we recommend draping the coat over their shoulders with a sleek midi dress — the Hot Pink Ribbed Knit Midi Dress would be a perfect choice. Add a bold, red lip or a vintage-inspired scarf for some extra flair. Button it up, belt it, or leave it open for a more casual look — the possibilities are endless

Women’s Corduroy Jackets

The queen of comebacks, corduroy jackets have well and truly made their way back into the modern wardrobe. With their iconic ridged texture, cord jackets are cozy and comfortable.

Pair them with virtually anything — a turtleneck sweater, a flowy bohemian dress, or even classic jeans — to achieve that nostalgic, 70’s style. So go ahead and embrace the corduroy craze, it’s not going anywhere soon!


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