How to style a co-ord set in four ways

How to style a co-ord set in four ways

Co-ord sets are one of the most versatile wardrobe items a woman can own. They can be worn together as a cohesive ensemble, or styled as separates with her other go-to garments. Learn how to style a shirt and pant co-ord set in four ways to show off their full potential to your customers.


Matching co-ord set

A co-ord set makes dressing for work days and weekend plans that much easier. Not only does it look effortless and elegant, but it can be dressed up or down. Style this outfit with a black handbag and white sneakers for office outfit inspiration. Add playfulness with strappy heels and statement jewellery for a weekend going out look.

Matching co-ord set with an open shirt

This look is the definition of vacation style and resort wear. Undo all of the shirt buttons to show off its loose and flowy silhouette.

Add a plain crop top underneath: white is lovely for daytime dressing, whereas darker colours or statement shades make for an eye-catching evening outfit.

Depending on your customer, you could also present a co-ord set with a tank top underneath for more coverage, or with a bikini top for those who dare to bare.

Co-ord shirt with plain pants or denim

One of the biggest benefits of co-ord sets is they can be worn with items your customer already owns. The co-ord shirt can be worn with most kinds of bottoms, making it useful for every season.

Open a couple of the shirt’s top buttons and dress it with black pants or denim jeans for a trans-seasonal option. When the weather heats up, undo an extra button, roll up the sleeves, and style the shirt with tailored shorts or a denim skirt.

Co-ord pants with a plain top

We all love jeans and a nice top, but what if you tried the reverse? Nice pants and a casual top! For this look, make the co-ord pants the star of the show by dressing them with a plain top.

Many customers will want to tuck a top into the co-ord pants, so make sure you show them how to do so without adding bulkiness around the hips or waist. A fitted tank top, t-shirt, or lightweight knit works best here. Finish the outfit with sandals for a smart look or sneakers for a more laid-back feeling.

Tip: how to make a co-ord set your bestseller

Co-ord sets are a fantastic opportunity to upsell without feeling pushy. All you need is some clever visual merchandising to inspire your customers to buy two items, rather than one. There are a couple of ways you can achieve this:

  • Style them together. If a customer likes the look of the whole outfit, you can remind them both pieces are also brilliant as separates. Rather than buying one dress, they can buy a two-piece co-ord set that offers more style-for-money. “Let me show you how this shirt can be worn with the jeans you’re wearing now. These pants will go perfectly with the top you have on.”

  • Style them separately. A customer might gravitate towards one part of the co-ord set, which is styled without its partner piece. Here’s your chance to show them the other half of the set. “Doesn’t the colour look even more gorgeous when worn head-to-toe? It has a similar vibe to wearing a dress, but with more options.”

Show your customer how she can create infinitely more looks by adding just two extra pieces to her wardrobe. Co-ord sets can be worn together or as separates, dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and accessorised with pieces she already owns. If that doesn’t make a case for co-ord sets being the most multi-purpose option in anyone’s closet, we don’t know what does! Shop co-ord sets here.