How We Develop Our Exclusive Fashion Prints

How We Develop Our Exclusive Fashion Prints

At Global Fashion House, we understand that style is a reflection of individuality. What sets us apart is not only our commitment to delivering high-quality garments but also our dedication to offering designs that can't be found anywhere else. Our exclusive prints are a perfect example of this. We’re continually developing new fashion prints that stand out from the crowd, while still being trend-driven. Each print has been meticulously designed to offer something new and exciting to your customers — from feminine florals to striking geo-prints. Here’s how we develop our exclusive print range in four key steps.


1. Research

Just like the old saying, ‘measure twice, cut once’, we won’t take any action until we have the research to back it up. That’s why we use industry resources and analytics to inform all of our designs, including our exclusive prints. This ensures we create commercially viable fashion prints that will appeal to your customers and help grow your business.

At the beginning of the season, each of ourfive brands will start their trend research by scoping out emerging trends from around the globe. Our designers will then collate all of the key themes they want to include in their apparel range on a storyboard, ready to be reviewed by the design director and sales manager. Once we’re sure that the themes will be commercially viable and align with that particular Global Fashion House brand, we can move on to print showing.


2. Print Showing

2. Print Showing

When you become a Global Fashion House stockist, you don’t just gain access to our talented in-house design team, you gain access to our global network of artists. In addition to developing prints in-house, we purchase fashion prints from around the world.

Every week, studios in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney and across Europe bring print headers to our main office for a showing. We absolutely love meeting with print studios and getting inspiration from around the globe that we can incorporate into our brands.

When we find a print that aligns with one of our Global Fashion House brands, we purchase it so it becomes exclusive to that brand.We may also request that the artist change some elements of the print so it aligns with a particular trend, including adding a new colourway or changing the scale.

This ensures that the print fits perfectly with the colour palette of the upcoming collection.

3. Colour

When it comes to our seasonal ranges, we want to provide our stockists with a complete story. An exclusive print is just one part of this story — we will also create coordinating styles to complement the print, usually in plain colours.

Together, the plain colours and exclusive print will form a cohesive colour palette. This makes it easy for your customers to create a coordinated seasonal wardrobe.

Based on our industry knowledge and experience, we know that customers in different climates will gravitate towards different colour palettes. Each month’s collection will have a couple of colour palettes to cater for these different tastes.

This is just another way that we strive to make our collections commercially viable for your business.


4. Strike Off

Once we’ve finalised the artwork for the exclusive print, the printer carries out a ‘strike-off’. This involves printing the design on a small square of the desired fabric to see exactly how the colour and print will look in production. This final step allows us to make slight changes to the colour or scale of the print before it goes into bulk production.

Not only does it ensure we’re 100% happy with our final product, but it also avoids creating unnecessary waste during the manufacturing process. It’s only after the strike-off is approved that the design will then proceed to bulk manufacture. Our production process is agile, so we can quickly repeat best-selling prints into a new style or colour to keep up with demand.


When it comes to our exclusive prints, there’s so much work that goes into creating something unique, yet trend-driven. Apply to be a Global Fashion House stockist today and gain access to our range of exclusive prints. We’ll help you gain a competitive edge and provide customers with fashion prints they won’t find from any other brand. Discover our Exclusive prints here!